C.C. Carter

#BreathPrayer – Agreement # 2 Don’t Take Anything Personally


#Breathprayer Tuesday…Continue Agreement #2  Don’t Take Anything Personally…
inhale…I will only take in… exhale…what I need to work on 20xs 3 xs daily

Perhaps there’s truth in what someone is saying about you…or maybe not, but something they’ve said triggers insecurity or doubt that you have about yourself…Don’t Take Anything Personally means that if you know you have done your best in a situation or that you have not warranted the gossip or negative talk that others are saying…then don’t own it as yours…if there is an inkling of truth in the statements or the actions…own the part of it that you need to work on…listen to  what the person is saying about the behavior you exhibited and not charge it to the fact the person may be attacking your whole being (that’s on them for not being able to articulate what they really want to say  like in Agreement #1 not Being Impeccable With Their Words… so try to block out tone and sarcasm…see if there is any truth that you need to own, fix within yourself and let everything else about that situation go… everything else is their ego, their projection toward you about themselves that triggered their lashing out at you in the first place.

Don’t get me wrong.  This is extremely hard when it is playing out publicly.  This is when the need to  “save face” is the easiest way you know whether you are taking something personally or not…ask yourself…